Photographer / Designer

Tjitse Slange

My name is Tjitse K. Slange. Born and raised 26 years ago in the beautiful city Deventer, The Netherlands, and currently living in Enschede, where I persue my PhD studies at the University of Twente.

Photography started for me as a kid while being on holidays in the Alps, hiking through the mountains with a simple plastic camera, searching for beautiful landscapes. Photography really started to get to me when I was travelling with my family to Kenya and Tanzania in 2004. From then on I have tried to develop my photography skills. I have always been inspired by nature and I still prefer to shoot outdoors.

“Think outside, no box required”

In 2011 I bought my first DSLR. During one year as Erasmus student in Trondheim, Norway, I was able to make optimally use of my passion for photography and the outdoors. Of course inspired by the beautiful Norwegian fjords, mountains and northern lights.

My current photography focusses on outdoor, landscape, nature and wildlife photography, but I try to keep developing in other fields as well. Now and then I shoot assignments, ranging from sport and cultural events to portraits and even a wedding.